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SuperBowl.me.uk is a website dedicated to the American Football, with concentration on the National Football League (NFL) Championship of the Super Bowl game for UK residents and the rest of the world. The information is vast, covering topics, news and promotions in regards to the Super Bowl, such as Super Bowl betting, betting odds, history, teams, MPVs, venue and security, commercials, and even tickets and airfare to watch this magnificent championship being played live with the electrifying sensation an EU football stadium can bring forward, but, in different spectrums. Of course, as mentioned above, we will bring forwards punt promotions and news for you so you are up to date and always eligible for the best bonuses and free bets via our links and banners.


The Super Bowl is an annual championship game for the National Football League (NFL) within the US. The first ever Super Bowl game was held on January 15th 1967, and continues to be a huge sporting event throughout the years, each being bigger than the previous. Additionally, it has become one of the most bet on sports online for the entire world, including of course, one of the biggest gambling countries of the world, the UK; regardless of it being American Football vs. European Football. Take part in the Super Bowl history, and start watching and punting on the game online via www.superbowl.me.uk now.

If that is not what you are interested in, nor the game per se, you can always also enjoy their world-renowned half-time show where first-class artists and dancers come up to the stage for a show of championship proportions, something the UK sports are missing at the moment.

Additionally, history has shown that the Super Bowl commercials are among the highest paid in history for a 30 second slot or even shorter, with millions of dollars spent on the slot alone; imagine that plus the portions of production too.


As mentioned above, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest betting events each year, with close rankings with the Kentucky Derby and the Champions League; at least annually given the World Cup and Euro Cup get huge punting numbers from all around the world and UK each 4 years each.

At SuperBowl UK you will learn the different betting types there are for gambling online, how to wager online, as well as where. We have thoroughly researched the online bookmakers available on the web, and have compiled a list of recommended options of UK friendly bookmakers, as well as world wide friendly gambling sites providing the best security, betting odds, free bet offers, service, and more – all via our links.

Read through our betting picks and predictions and betting tips, how to punt, the teams and more.

News and Promotions

As mentioned above, SuperBowl.me.uk will provide you with updated news and promotions in regards to the Super Bowl game and events, as well as NFL football games before the main championship game. These Super Bowl news and promotions will provide valuable information and updates for your knowledge as well as better betting decisions if you choose to make some punts on the game that is. Additionally, these will provide you with special and/or exclusive promotions, such as free bets, higher match betting bonuses, or other – all of which you will be eligible for via our links to our recommended online bookmakers. Stay tune for these updates, and be prepared for your online punts.

SuperBowl UK is a relatively new website, however an information website created by an experienced team in the world of sports, sports gambling online, and online bookmakers, bringing only the best information and options for you to take advantage of. As mentioned above, you will be able find information on the Super Bowl history, including betting history like past odds, the yearly venues and its security, the football teams and players for the NFL, leading NFL games to the Super Bowl, betting on the Super Bowl: the how, where, when, etc…, and much more, including flights, tickets for the big game, and more stats and information valuable to the readers. Get in the game at Super Bowl UK regardless of your country of residence.

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